Sifu Kevin Paul is originally from England and began his martial art training in 1979 at the age of ten in Shotokan Karate. He trained in Shotokan for five years. In the spring of 1984, Sifu Paul attended a seminar in London conducted by Grand Master Ip Chun (son of the late Great Grand Master Ip Man). This event would trigger a change in his world and lead him down the Wing Chun Kung Fu path and away from the Karate world he once knew.

Sifu Paul started his Wing Chun training in London with Sifu Austin Goh. He went on to train and instruct with several other organizations. He has traveled to many countries around the world in his quest to attain knowledge and understanding of Wing Chun Kung Fu. One of the countries that he holds fond memories of is Hong Kong, where he traveled to in 1989. He spent eight months living and breathing Wing Chun and attained a wealth of invaluable experience whilst in the presence of many great students, teachers and masters. He has been back to Hong Kong and southern China on several other occasions to improve on his Wing Chun knowledge and training.

With 40 years of martial arts experience (35 years in Wing Chun), Sifu Paul is well respected and accepted as being highly skilled and adept in Wing Chun Kung Fu by many teachers and students alike within Wing Chun and general martial arts arena. He has conducted many seminars in the Los Angeles area and numerous other U.S. cities within the state of; California, Florida, New York, Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Nevada. He has worked closely with the Los Angeles Police Dept. and the Los Angeles Sheriff’s dept. in training its officers in confined combat and self-defense. He has also worked with various women’s groups conducting ‘rape safe’ seminars together with special projects such as training and mentoring physically handicapped and inner city children. Sifu Paul has also worked with many MMA competitors, exposing them to Wing Chun tactics that can be applied in competitions.karate-three

With the aforementioned in mind, Sifu Paul gave into his lifelong ambition to start his very own organization. And so in 2003, he founded the U.S. Wing Chun Kung Fu Association based in *Los Angeles, California…a prophecy that Master Ip Chun had predicted, finally realized and finally come true.

*The Association head quarters has relocated to Tampa Bay, Florida.